Shh, don’t tell
but we’re only human.


We’re a team of doers, makers, thinkers and explorers who approach work and play with curiosity, using what we learn to create.

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Making it happen

Craft matters

Teams need to be composed of more doers than sayers or planners but a depth of talent is nothing without the breadth of vision.

We want people who have great ideas, but also take great pride in getting their hands dirty and working with other great minds to engineer solutions that smash deliverables and inspire their teammates and customers.

For a team member, craft means knowing how to listen, what to say and when to take action. Craft means caring about the partners we work with and every detail that matters to be the best we can for them.

Our Values

Stuff that matters, to us.


Our values structure is based on our partner engagement, at BCG we’re not just your business partner but an extension of your team.

Forward Thinking & Proactive

We don’t wait to be told what needs to be done, we understand what could happen when it all hits the fan, or what should happen when it’s all going to plan. Either way, we are on the ball, at the front, making sure it does or doesn’t happen!

Trustworthy & Straight talking

We’ll be there when we say we will, and will stay until the job is done. But that’s not the end, we’ll make sure everything is alright until we’re not needed anymore. Although it’s always nice to be needed!

Super Skilled & Interesting

On a day to day basis in your office and behind the scenes too, whatever needs to be done there’s a team BCG member there to deal with it. They know it, inside out. But they probably know a lot of other stuff about a lot of other stuff too. Just ask!

Friendly & Down to Earth

Every member of team BCG is just that, a part of the team. Everyone knows everyone, we’re all connected and that collaboration extends beyond the internal structure to partners too. We’re a little big team.

Bright & Spirited

Contact centres are not everyone’s cup of tea, but we can do a lot with tea. We’re at the forefront of customer services technology and the world of connectivity. The drive to grow is infectious both as a business, and as individuals, and it’s spreading.

Joining BrightCloud

What say you?

Do you believe in what we believe, then just maybe you’re a fit then for our team? We’re always interested to connect with passionate individuals to help on our visionary quest. If you think you’d got what it takes to become a UC superhero without wearing your pants on the outside, then get in touch!

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