Hello, can you put me through to Her Majesty The Queen, please?

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Should queen adopt omnichannel strategy

The majority of the nation is excitedly getting ready to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee with great pomp and circumstance. To mark this unforgettable celebration, we wanted to send our warmest wishes to Her Majesty The Queen. Unsurprisingly, we don’t have the Queen’s phone number in speed dial so finding the best contact method took a little digging.  

We all know that for years the only option to contact Her Majesty has been by letter. But we are living in the modern era of technology driven by speed and convenience. Certainly, even the Queen has adopted an omnichannel approach to communication by now? After all, today’s customers expect to communicate with an organisation whenever, wherever and however they want.  

A quick Google search takes us to royal.uk/contact that has no mentions of SMS, social media handles, or even a phone number. Instead, the instructions are rather clear: 


You can write to Her Majesty at the following address

Her Majesty The Queen 

Buckingham Palace 

London SW1A 1AA 

Indeed, Her Majesty The Queen may well be the only organisation that hasn’t shifted from a traditional communication channel (mail) to an omnichannel communication strategy. While the other members of the Royal Family embrace modern communication, the Queen keeps the Royal Mail crew busy by receiving hundreds of letters every day. Whatever the Queen’s favourite communication method is, we are pretty certain that inside that elegant little purse she carries everywhere is the latest iPhone. 

The team at BrightCloud Group congratulates Queen Elizabeth on her 70th year on the throne. But first, we’ll nip to the post office to buy some stamps.