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Tangible proven contact centre options, from inception to enhancement. We’ve got the knowledge to make your digital investment ring, beep or pop-up!

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Solutions Kitbag

Our UC specialists just love their tech, they can’t wait to try, test and break stuff. From their enthusiasm, we’ve crafted the perfect solutions kitbag so that we’re able to support your contact & customer engagement centre needs no matter what the scenario.

Cisco platform

Designed to your needs

A Gartner UC Magic Quadrant Leader

The design and implementation of any Cisco Contact Centre solution must ensure that the environment is planned not only to ​support today’s requirements but also be flexible enough to support the organisation’s future strategy. We’re recognised by our partners and their clients as a skilled leader in the design and implementation of contact centres. Our designs ensure that our customers are not only provided with innovative, flexible, robust solutions they are also endowed with a genuine competitive advantage.

We’ve significant experience in designing and implementing Cisco customer solutions including:

  • Customer Voice Portal (CVP)
  • IP Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR)
  • Unified & Packaged Contact Centre Enterprise (UCCE/PCCE)
  • Unified Contact Centre Express (UCCX)
  • Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS)
  • Remote Expert

Test and test again

Customer eXperience Testing (CXT)

A powerful resilient cloud platform enabling cloud and traditional communications to be tested on large and small scales. No need for hundreds and thousands of people, or agents.

Our Customer eXperience Testing platform is a proven platform that enables you to enjoy best-in-class ultra reliable communications across multiple communication touch points.

Enhance options

Squeezing the best out

Deliver operational excellence

The Cisco platform is a magic quadrant leader solution, of that there is no argument, but we know there’s always the opportunity for improvement. There are four key functional areas which we know can be enhanced to improve your solution and organisations operation, that’s why we’ve partnered and mastered the best-of-breed solutions available.

Cisco® EMEA UCCE ATP Services Only Partner of the Year 2016, 2017 and 2018!
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