De-stressing your customers engagement


It takes 6 to 18 months to win customer typically, so make sure you reward their loyalty with stress-free interaction.

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Customer eXperience Testing (CXT)

Love Thy Customer

Our 3 P’s


Our solution was designed to ensure an organisation’s customer services and respective communications simply work as intended and to eliminate slow project cycle. It creates customer and agent scenarios using a drag and drop web portal, interactive conversations just in the real-world. In-fact everything a real customer can do.


Immediately available in the cloud or on-premise. In today’s world where you have new clients, upgrades, vendor builds, and constantly changing requirements, our CXT solution drives down your timescales and accelerates your time to market exponentially. Some of the world’s largest brands and communication vendors use our platform.


It takes 6 to 18 months to win clients typically, cycles can be costly but the rewards are huge. Once won, it is important to retain the client long term and never lose them. CXT provides a powerful managed service layer proactively monitoring customer experiences to ensure your clients never leave you again and keeps your services in check.

Your benefits

High fives

  • Cut project costs.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Proactively monitor communications.
  • Ensure quality, consistency and reliability.
  • Proactive management with automated alerts and extensive reporting.

Some Serious Options

IVR, Speech, DTMF, Biometrics

Build test cases alongside your IVR and utilise all our capabilities around DTMF, Speech (Standard, conditional and NLU Garbage Handling), set thresholds. Tuning is one thing but under load the engines can vary. We can also emulate natural biometric speech and passphrases. It’s all in there!

Proactive Monitoring

Monitor customer services end to end proactively with set alerts into your NOC, monitor the customer experience, gain key insights such as voice quality of service (MOS and Pesq). Make Customer eXperience testing a key part of your proactive service today

Functional Testing

Test crucial functions and critical paths end to end with varying conditions. With build revisions, upgrades or migrations, know these functions still work every time. Sit back and let our platform do the hard work

Load Testing

Direct calls to any test service, segment them based on probability % of how your service truly operates, load them up, throttle them with varying options and just watch how your service reacts down to the lowest level of detail

Web Portal & Cloud Hosted

Within a few moments, you could be testing your entire media communications. Our 24*7 service, offers easy to use web interface, no scripting, full configuration, alerts, managed service integration and analytic dashboards

Easy to Customise

Our visual designer makes it so easy to build scenarios in record time, auto-generate, clone, reuse and customize tests with a click of the button, so when you need to make alterations during the test cycle there is absolutely nothing stopping you and firing it back up in moments.

Continuous Monitoring (Radar)

Radar continuously monitors the end-to-end availability and performance of contact centres and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems from a customer perspective.Radar’s “outside in” hands-off monitoring approach ensures the customers’ contact centre experience can be heard and benchmarked without requiring any integration to the contact centre infrastructure.

Calls are automatically placed into the IVR and contact centre at regular intervals. The results are monitored in real-time and stored with the calls which breach thresholds or result in a test case failure. A notification is dispatched. Notifications with detailed information about issues can be sent via SMS or email to predetermined administrator users. Radar integrates with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring platforms to provide full monitoring capabilities.

Radar traverses through media communications (telephony, unified communications, IVR) in exactly the same way a customer does. Radar uses speech recognition, Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF), text-to-speech and audio, to provide true customer insight.

Tangible Results

Gremlin Buster in Action

Sometimes we know that our words are just not enough, so here’s a short example and customer quote of our CXT platform finding those digital gremlins but remember this is a ‘no name drop’ website.

The Client

Global Bank

We had a very good outcome from the Soak Test last night with a circa of 150K calls going through the platform in parallel with the in-house team running a load test on their Exceed platform (which took a circa of 128K transaction) across the 8 hours.

“This has been a resounding success guys. It has also been immensely valuable as it has protected our credibility where it may have been damaged had we ploughed on without doing this testing.”

Global Client Partner

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