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BCSquared Cisco Webex Contact Centre Demo

If Cloud is the Destination for Your Contact Centre, make BCSquared Your Home.


CLICK HERE to register for our Live Demo – Tuesday 18th August 2020, 15.00 – 16.00


We’d love to show you the view from BCSquared, the first Managed Service Contact Centre Cloud Platform, built around the Cisco Webex Portfolio.

You will gain an understanding of how Webex Contact Center, enhanced with tools from CCBox Customer Experience Optimisation Solution can give any organisation confidence in the technology, the application and the positive impact on customer experience.

With thought provoking examples of:

Omni-channel functionality – how it works and its importance as our pre-Covid19 ideas of the traditional communication methods and those or the future, are challenged.

AI integration such as virtual agent/chatbot  – the efficiency of the automatic handling of enquires and the seamless handover to the real life agent.

Video chat – blended into the contact centre, without add-on or plug-in requirement and available at the click of a button.

CCBox Knowledgbase – a must have for knowledge sharing in today’s world of people working from anywhere.

CCBox Wallboard – an old favourite for contact centres. And now, with the contact centre management team potentially being spread out geographically, it’s of vital importance to managing what exactly is happening in the cloud and wherever agents are working.

Register for the Live Demo here!

Read more about BCSquared here or…to request a call back or arrange a virtual meeting to discuss commercial aspects, the technology or our competitive comparison get in touch.