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Cisco Webex Contact Center (WxCC) is a native cloud, omnichannel platform with standard and premium variations, and a number of options for additional integrated features. The adoption of this intuitive platform, when coupled with BrightCloud Group’s contact centre specific expertise, means it’s even simpler to take your contact centre and collaboration portfolio to the cloud.

cisco webex contact centre

Why Choose Webex Contact Center?


Cisco Webex Contact Centre is a cloud based, software-as-a-service contact centre platform, and with that comes all of the benefits cloud technology has to offer.  Increased agility of the technology available, and the instant availability and reduced costs associated with the uptake of new, innovative features developed specifically for cloud. In addition, with Cisco’s reputation for quality and security as well as their market leading position for contact centre, Webex Contact Center will deliver on an organisations highest expectations of cloud.

The superior cloud technology of Cisco Webex Contact Center will not only improve contact centre and agent performance, but also positively impact on the overall efficiency and profitability measures of an organisation. It will also have a direct improvement to customer experience through:

• Boosted agent productivity and minimised agent turnover
• Improved first-contact resolution
• Increased customer loyalty and lifetime value
• Boosted business operations and performance

Find out more about Webex Contact Center integration into our Contact Centre Managed Service Cloud Platform, BCSquared.

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cisco webex contact centre

What's Included with Webex Contact Center

The native cloud Webex Contact Center platform, can help your contact centre achieve competitive success with its key features:

1. Built as a Cloud Solution

Moving to a cloud contact centre means your platform is more secure, reliable, flexible and scalable.

2. Omnichannel

Each customer interaction including voice, email and chat are unified. All cross-channel customer history is displayed to agents helping deliver a more personalised customer experience.

3. 360-degree Customer Journey Analytics

Insights and analytics track the whole customer journey across all channels.

4. Predictive Analytics-based Routing

Customer needs are matched with the best available agent based on predictions throughout the customer journey.

5. Intelligent and Contextual

Agent and customer experience is combined with artificial intelligence.

6. Expert Collaboration and Communications

Built-in on-demand voice and chat collaboration with other
agents, managers, and subject experts.

7. Business Application Integrations

To determine data routing, data from business applications such as CRM is used.

8. Workforce Optimisation

Advanced scheduling with agent contribution, quality management and “voice-of-the-customer” insights through speech, text, and desktop analytics.

9. Outbound Campaigns

Preview, as well as progressive dialling and management.

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