Complete Contact Centre Platform Solutions

Working for small, medium or large enterprise grade contact centres with requirements for on-premise, cloud or hybrid platforms. Our accomplished consultants work with our contact centre partners to bridge the gap between the customer requirement, business outcome and the technology already required and available for utilisation.

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Our way of working

Focussing on constant improvement

Our approach applies a four-stage process that starts with a clear roadmap and then spans the whole contact centre lifecycle. Over the long term, it allows partners to realise the full income potential of their relationship with their customer, as well as allowing customers to get the most out of their infrastructure and/or investment, even at the point when it’s time to start the whole journey again.


At the beginning of every partnership, we consult with the customer to build a digital roadmap that delivers constant improvement for all customer engagement channels and a seamless customer journey.


The roadmap guides us while we take the customer to a transition journey and move them where they want to be. From our skilled pre-sales consultants through to our expert delivery consultants utilising our agile project methodology, transitioning with BrightCloud Group is just the starting point.


To maximise customer investment in the contact centre platform, our contact centre and customer experience expertise enable us to deliver integration of the most appropriate features, functions and solutions that transform the experience for our customers, and their customers.


BrightCloud Group can provide a full managed service for the contact centre which allows our partners and their customers to focus on their areas of expertise, while we focus on ours. Unrivalled support solutions ensure the contact centre remains at high availability to drive high level customer engagement.

Fully integrate the technological concepts of…

Data, Intelligence & Automation

Contact centre data must be interpreted in meaningful forms to provide insight, trends and inform business decisions. As omni-channel contact centre experts BrightCloud Group recognise this crucial component in improving customer engagement and provide the tools for data to be gathered from all channels, interpreted and presented in meaningful forms.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation for the contact centre equals a digital customer experience across all channels, underpinned by a strong customer experience strategy. BrightCloud Group will help deliver this through a single vendor experience and ensure all digital products and services work collaboratively to deliver a consistent service and message.

Quality Management

Quality Management has traditionally been company-centric, with contact centre agent “scores” based on specific checkboxes such as agents’ ability to follow a script but ignoring ability to build and enhance customer relationships. BrightCloud Group provide best-of-breed QM and Automated QM technology and an innovative Customer Satisfaction collection platform that ensure customer satisfaction analysis across the customer journey and all channels to identify areas of improvement in real-time.

Management & Support

We provide tailored management and support solutions to match customer’s specific needs in whatever sector they operate. We keep the platform up and running but also pro-actively manage and monitor the environment, keeping customers up to date with the latest technology that can be integrated to offer further benefits and maximise the return on investment.


An organisation cannot utilise their communications and contact centre platform investments, without highly resilient, reliable and flexible connectivity. BrightCloud Group can deliver SIP Services, connecting businesses from any geographical location to the PSTN. SIP Services from BrightCloud Group are a cost effective, robust solution, giving you the opportunity to have a one-stop-shop for your customers’ Contact Centre, Communications and Connectivity platform requirements.

BrightCloud Group, a strategic partner who match the working values of our fast paced and innovative organisation.

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