BrightCloud Group Launches Cloud-Enabled Innovative Customer Experience Solution.

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BrightCloud Group Launches Cloud-Enabled Innovative Customer Experience Solution.

BrightCloud Group, the contact centre and customer experience specialist, has unveiled its latest technological development with the launch of the newest version of their customer experience optimisation solution CCBox.

Building upon the success of CCBox V4.0 Aloha, the latest version, CCBox v5.0 Lumières, enables all Cisco contact centres to utilise the full suite of optimisation tools delivered in the cloud, helping achieve customer experience goals while supporting a contact centres digital transformation journey.

CCBox v5.0 Lumières is the only solution of its kind on the market, where all the necessary contact centre tools are available in a single, complete solution. It comprises a host of tools designed to deliver a platform that optimises the performance, compliance, analysis, forecasting, measuring, insight and efficiency of both traditional and advanced contact centre functions.

Bringing the three new applications of Chatbot, Call Recording Archive Manager and Marketing Routing System (MRS) to the suite, BrightCloud Group’s team of expert developers has created a simple, single solution that can meet the specific needs of contact centres regardless of location, stage of lifecycle or size of business.

With a trio of packaged options, Enable, Optimise and Advance available, CCBox v5.0 Lumières is a scale-able, simple to use solution that has been specifically developed to deliver improved customer experiences through a unified communications strategy.

Alex Morrison, CEO of BrightCloud Group, said: “As the global marketplace continues to evolve through digitalisation, we wanted to continue to develop our CCBox package to not only enhance a contact centre’s customer experience ambitions in a traditional setting, but ensure the tools that make that possible can be deployed for contact centres working from anywhere, at any time.

“Aware of the complexities that go into managing a contact centre cloud migration, we knew there would be a high demand for a one-stop-shop solution that removes the clutter but retains the added value and enables businesses to reap the benefits they’re used to with their on-premise platforms.

“With a range of tools that can quickly and efficiently analyse real-time data, the CCBox v5.0 Lumières model makes it simple for contact centres to identify friction points, make appropriate changes and ultimately meet the demands and expectations of their customers.

“Regardless of agents operating at home, in the office or in different locations around the world, customer experience excellence, delivered through the contact centre has never before been so easy!”

This innovative product is compatible with Cisco Contact Center platforms. IT can be accessed on-premises or in the cloud fully integrated with BrightCloud’s own managed service cloud platform, BCSquared which utilises Cisco Webex technology.