BrightCloud ramps up its service provision with Ocean Intelligent Communications

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BrightCloud ramps up its The new data centre (DC) will be used to host our Cyclone cloud deployment, providing increased scalability and capacity. This new hosting platform enables us to easily generate up to 2000 concurrent calls, in an instant, to interrogate your Call Centre to ensure your comms solution work as intended.

Our move to the new Ocean data centre provides us with the flexibility, scale and reach that is almost impossible to find in a traditional DC provider.’

Commented Richard Hall, BCG’s Consultancy Lead who pioneered the strategic migration across to Ocean.

Richard continued, ‘…Ocean can provide agile access into multiple global carriers and SIP services that allow us to present services globally at a price point that means that our services are extremely competitive whilst being able to flex to the most demanding customer needs.’

Cyclone, the Customer eXperience Testing (CXT) platform, is specifically designed and developed to test Contact Centres. Find out more about the full solution including the load testing and monitoring capabilities here.service provision with Ocean Intelligent Communications.