Call Recording and Compliance for Contact Centres

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Call recording and compliance for contact centres

Contact centres have several reasons to invest in a call recording technology. Within certain industries, organisations are required by law to record each interaction with a customer. For others, it is a helpful tool to collect valuable insights when looking to evaluate agent performance and improve customer experience.  

At the same time, call recording for contact centres is not a pass to do whatever you want. While it’s legal to record phone calls in the United Kingdom, there are still a number of key steps you need to take to comply with laws and other guidelines. 

Call Recording in the UK: What You Need to Know 

Since Brexit, EU GDPR is no longer applicable in the United Kingdom. However, all organisations must still comply with the Data Protection Act of 2018, and the guidelines are very similar to the EU GDPR.  

At a bare minimum, you must always ask for consent from the customer to record any phone call. This will help protect your business from immediate fines and other violations. 

As you store call-related data, you need to do so (along with all other records) in an encrypted fashion. Never leave the data on an unprotected hard drive because that would make them very susceptible to data theft, among other issues. 

If your business operates internationally, also understand that rules change depending on the country. This means that you need to research and make an effort to comply with all local laws before you start recording calls. Try to determine which country has the strictest rules and comply with that, which will increase the likelihood that you comply with other areas as well. 

Once you’ve identified a compliance guidebook, run a call recording training course for everyone within the organisation. This will help your agents understand what they need to do and what will be expected of them moving forward.  

How to choose the best call recording solution for your needs? 

Using a sophisticated fit-for-purpose technology, call recording is very straightforward; an application records the content of a phone call, which is then saved securely. That file can be stored in the cloud or on other remote servers, within the call centre, or in another secure location. 

In an effort to make the above process easier, especially when it comes to contact centre compliance, many organisations invest in call recording technology to address multiple important goals, all at the same time. 

CCBox Call Recording is just one example of a solution that many contact centre managers find hugely beneficial. It’s built upon a web-based interface, which means there is no client-side installation required. As long as the device has an active internet connection, CCBox Call Recording can be used to handle customer calls and all data will feed back into a centralised repository. 

Moreover, CCBox Call Recording is a platform-agnostic solution which means that the recordings are accessible on any compatible browser on Windows, Mac or tablet. Being 100% based on the cloud means that no additional hardware is required. Calls are encrypted both at-rest in the cloud and in transit, taking care of a big concern regarding compliance and security in general. 

Is your current contact centre infrastructure compliant?  

A good call recording tool is scalable and flexible, allowing you to meet resource demands even as your contact centre grows. Already have a database of call recordings? Make sure that the call recording technology you choose can condense all available data securely into a single interface so that everything is accessible anywhere.  

In the end, a good call recording platform helps you stay compliant. It provides you in-depth information on not just how your agents are doing, but the quality of the experience you’re offering to customers as well. As one improves, the other naturally does the same.  

To enjoy all the benefits of the call recording process, remember these three steps:

  1. Understand the laws and regulations within your country
  2. Invest in a legitimate call recording technology
  3. Educate everyone within your organisation on call recording best practices

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