Contact Centre Quality Management: What You Need to Know

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What you need to know about contact centre quality management

In the contact centre environment, “quality management” refers to the processes and procedures that make sure customer interactions meet (or exceed) a certain pre-defined quality standard. 

Today’s customers have more options than ever to choose where and how they spend their money, making quality management of this type of paramount importance. It is increasingly seen as a must have strategy for businesses of all types and in all industries.  

Why You Need a Quality Management Solution 

By design, contact centre quality management helps create more positive agent and customer interactions. This results in not only increased brand loyalty, but revenue growth as well. 

It’s easy to see why contact centre quality management is a top priority for so many organisations. According to a recent study 68% of people say they would pay more for products and services from companies that have a reputation for offering quality customer service experiences. Moreover, 93% of people say they are likely to make additional purchases from companies that offer excellent customer service. 

The Benefits of Contact Centre Quality Management 

The most obvious benefit of contact centre quality management is increased customer satisfaction. The more you understand about the journey a customer has with your organisation, the more you can see what works and what doesn’t. That allows you to capitalise on trends and opportunities for improvement that you may have otherwise missed. 

Having this level of visibility over a contact centre also creates better opportunities for agent training and career development. Call recording, for example, allows for fast and confident dispute resolution. If there is an issue with a customer, and it isn’t being handled properly by an agent, you don’t have to guess what went wrong. You’ll know definitively, allowing you to take corrective action by way of increased training in core competency areas. 

This also allows organisational leaders to review calls for training and mentorship purposes. Team leaders can identify top-tier agents faster than ever, allowing them to move up in the company with greater speed. 

Contact centre quality management is also beneficial when it comes to compliance. Businesses in certain industries are required by their governing body to record all calls for compliance purposes. You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to do that or where that data will be stored if you have the right contact centre quality management tool that is already doing it for you. 

If your company takes credit card payments over the phone, you also have to worry about factors like PCI compliance. Here, your call recording solution would allow agents to mute recordings so that sensitive information such as credit card numbers or other financial information is not recorded at all.   

The Impact on the Bottom Line 

There are likely many businesses who offer products and services like yours. However, nobody does it quite like how you do. That speaks to your competitive advantage and unique value proposition. As statistics like those outlined above show, the quality of the customer experience is a big part of that. 

That’s why contact centre quality management is so essential to a growing business of any kind. As your brand experience gets more positive, people will start to see your business in the same light. That increased sense of loyalty in turn drives effective revenue growth, which in and of itself is the most important benefit of all. 

Are you looking to implement quality management best practices within your contact centre? Talk to our experts today to learn more about the contact centre services and solutions we can help you with.