Keeping your contact centre open during Coronavirus

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contact centre open during Coronavirus

As the UK sees a shift towards companies having their entire workforce working remotely, amongst the concerns for staff health and welfare, business continuity is a key focus for many organisations. The question is raised, can we get an entire contact centre working from home to try and minimise the impact on our business survival?

At times like these contact centres can play a huge part in information gathering for the general public, as well as being the function that keeps businesses operating. The contact centre maintains customer experience and minimises the impact on a business’s reputation, and if it’s done right, the contact centre can be the function that sees customer experience soar at times of uncertainty.

The BrightCloud Group Solution understand all of the most critical aspects of business continuity and disaster recovery processes and for change of circumstances that might be presented in the eventuality of work premises being closed under unpredictable situations, specifically for the contact centre.

Contact Centre Technology to Keep Your Running

BrightCloud have a dedicated inter-disciplinary team focussing entirely on helping businesses keep their Contact Centres running during unprecedented circumstances. The team are being utilised to set up virtual contact centres, with a model put together in partnership with Cisco, in as little as 48 hours from being given the go ahead regardless of current contact centre platform or vendor.

With Cisco Webex Contact Centre (WxCC), migrating from any platform, of with Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise (UCCE), Unified Contact Centre Express (UCCX) if your contact centre investe and you receive a true virtual contact centre experience.

Agents working from home can be enabled through their mobile phones, home phone landlines, or PCs and laptops. Remote contact centre environments can be set up from anywhere with the same quality of service and customer experience available in an office environment. When so much pressure is being put on call centres it’s also good to know that you don’t have to forget about the other media channels. Remote contact centres can run with email and chat capabilities making it easier for businesses to stay connected to their customers.

Home Agents and Home Working

When contact centre agents aren’t on premise, they’re still your responsibility and their well-being is still a concern.

With the deployment of the Webex Platform that includes Meetings, Cloud Calling, Video Conferencing and Team Collaboration you would have access to a secure set of tools to make a virtual office a success.


Customer Experience Optimisation Still Exists for a Home Contact Centre

Just because the location of your agents’ changes there should be no need for performance to suffer, but for extra peace of mind, contact centre reporting and analytics tools can still be applied to measure efficiency and effectiveness. Utilising cloud contact centre technology, like CCBox also means that customer experience optimisation solutions such as Callback, Workforce Management, Knowledgebase, and even traditional contact centre technology such as wallboards can be deployed for home working contact centres.

Whether you’re looking at future proof planning or are looking for a solution for an imminent situation, we can work with your contact centre, IT department and other business functions required to develop a contingency remote call centre or remote working solution that works for you.

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