Making Teamwork Work Even When we are Apart

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Working Together … but Virtually

This is really interesting. The Americas call these “the water cooler moments”, the conversations that just happen when you’re grabbing a drink of water. There are a few ways to try and create these, however it never feels organic over a pre-arranged #Webex Meeting :). We’ve tried a few different things to keep us all working together better.

We’ve created a weekly exercise session, at 8am on a Wednesday, the Head of professional Services, gives us a great workout. We have a bit of a giggle, and gets us going for the day, but for those of us that used to go the gym during lunch time at work together, it still allows us to workout as a team, but now opens it up to more people.

One of the best things to actually come out of the situation is our Friday afternoon virtual pint. No agenda, no meeting, just generally having a conversion, a bit of fun, and rounding off the week nicely with a beer.

It’s not just about the video conferences though. Our chat rooms on #WebexTeams are extremely busy, people sharing information, asking questions, but the busiest has to be the ‘General – Non Business’ room. Sharing pics of family, stories of the day, and again an area to tell jokes and have fun.

By creating these spaces to socialise, despite being remote, we create the freedom and opportunity for people to be themselves, be creative, and make it easier for colleagues to collaborate and work together despite being apart.