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Early 2020 saw contact centre cloud planning strategies running an 18 month course. The economic and social situation means we are seeing that trend convert to a 2 month process. With the launch of Cisco Webex Contact Centre we’ve taken the platform to become the first service provider to deliver a full 360-degree wrap around contact centre managed service platform utilising Cisco Webex.

Our Managed Service Contact Centre Cloud Platform brings together three fundamental principles to achieve success in migration to the cloud.  Leading technology, contact centre specific expertise, and premium managed service, all in a competitive package, from one service provider.

If organisations are being driven to take their contact centre and unified communications investment to the cloud through necessity or as a result of a change in direction, then they want to do so in the comfort that they’re making that journey to cloud with not just cloud experts but contact centre experts. We give organisations, of any size the reassurance that everything that needs to be considered on the journey to cloud is taken care of. And that the cloud service that is provided when they’re on the platform continues to deliver on the quality expectations they’ve become accustomed to with their on-premise assets.

You can register for our June webinars when we will be talking about the journey to cloud, in ‘An Experts Guide to taking your Contact Centre to the Cloud’. And in ‘A Conversation with Erwin-Paul Bouma, Head of Sales – Customer Digital Experiences EMEAR at Cisco’ we are talking about the fast-paced change in the view of the Contact Centre, driven by the last few months of uncertainty.

Read more here or…to request a call back or arrange a virtual meeting to discuss commercial aspects, the technology or our competitive comparison get in touch.