The team that pulls together wins the race

Alex Morrison

Chief Executive Officer

Alex is the founder of Brightcloud Group, starting out as the primary consultant and bringing with him his own technical accreditations in Cisco Enterprise Contact Centres in 2011.   With 20+ years of experience working in contact centre, he has built the company into what it is today, picking up the cream of the crop in skill, talent and expertise along the way.

Alex is a Thought Leader shaping and changing the way people and organisations think about Unified Communications, across the UK and Europe. His driving force for BrightCloud Group, from day one has been focused on delivering leading customer experience solutions and to make people think differently about the ways customer experience goals can be achieved through technology. This focus and his drive for success, as well as his open and down to earth approach to leadership keep the BrightCloud Team all pulling in that same direction.

With 4 children, two cats, a goat and a tortoise at home, outside of work he doesn’t have time for any hobbies of his own. Dad’s taxi is his favourite past time.

Richard Hall

Chief Technical Officer

Richard joined the team in May 2016, armed with significant technical expertise in designing contact centre and customer experience solutions with complex integration.  He has 25+ years experience with roots in engineering with Vodafone, his years spent at 2e2 (now Daisy) where he honed his Enterprise Unified Communications skills, to his Directorship role at Ocean Group.

Here as a member of the Board, alongside Alex, he has continued to build a team of technical experts, bring technical development to the heart of the organisation, and contributed to the growth of BrightCloud Group into one of the leading Managed Service Providers in Europe.

Richard is happy to admit he’s a geek, not only in tech but in science too and if his wife would go with him, he’d be living on a yacht spending his spare time star gazing.

Jason Osmond


Jason joined the business as Chairman in October 2020. Every member of the team at BrightCloud Group are ambitious and driving for collective success and Jason was brought into the heart of the team to support the Board and Senior Management Team to achieve those business objectives and growth plans.

Jason has spent 25 years working in the tech sector with several leadership and Board positions for both privately owned and publicly listed organisations.  His experience spans Managed Services, Unified Communications and Cloud Platforms in a range of commercial and operational areas.

If Jason likes to be anywhere it’s outdoors with his family, no matter whatever the weather. He’ll take any chance he gets to be out walking, running or even better, out snowboarding.

Zoe Crowther

Finance Director

When Zoe joined the business as Finance Manager in 2020,  she came with many years of experience in cost control, budgeting and margin management.  Zoe has brought visibility and control to the board, with a focus on continued growth in ARR, as well as being instrumental in BrightCloud Group’s ability to migrate customers to Subscription billing, and provide flexible billing options.

Zoe’s previous experience in Commercial Finance has helped her to support the wider Senior Management Team in managing departmental costs and revenues. And after only 12 months and bringing all finance functions back in house, Zoe was promoted to Finance Director.

Zoe can usually be found in the kitchen.  As a lifelong vegetarian she’s never happier than when she’s cooking up a storm.

Abbey Haigh

Contact Centre Consultant Cisco Webex Contact Centre Expert

Andrew Teasdale

Apprentice Support Consultant

Azeez Raheem

Support Consultant

Bruce Ferguson

Head of Professional Services
Cassian Bramham-Law

Cassian Bramham-Law

Business Development Manager

Charlie Bartle

Interim Talent Acquisition & HR Manager

Clare O'Neil

Project Manager

Drew Goodwin

Project Manager

Fahim Anjam

Lead Developer
Enterprise Solutions Leader

Gregor Campbell

Enterprise Solutions Leader
Gus Wyle

Gus Wyle

Senior Contact Centre Consultant

Ian Chandler

Business Development Manager

Jenny Perkin

Business Development Manager

John Hammond

Business Development Manager

Kyle Smith

Senior Contact Centre Consultant

Matt Moulson

Senior Voice & Collaboration Consultant

Meena Anton

Senior Contact Centre Consultant

Neil Morrison

Operations Manager

Ray Norris

Principal Contact Centre Consultant

Richard Bowmaker

Head of Pre-Sales & CX Solutions

Tony Riccardi

Senior Support Consultant

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