A private healthcare clinic enjoys the advantages of a Cisco PCCE platform

A private healthcare clinic enjoys the advantages of a Cisco PCCE platform


Benefiting from deep understanding

Associated with one of the world’s most respected medical organisations, this London based private health clinic offers access to a global network of consultants and specialists. Giving patients the highest quality of care and customer service, it employs over 1,000 clinicians and runs eight operating theatres.

Having opened for business in 2021, the clinic already had a wireless and cable digital infrastructure in place to meet clinical imaging and collaborative needs. When it came to customer-facing technology, the clinic needed a partner to deploy a Cisco Packaged Contact Centre Enterprise (PCCE) omnichannel platform to mirror similar systems installed by the organisation in the US and elsewhere.

From a number of tenders, BrightCloud Group was chosen for its deep understanding of the PCCE platform and the added value it was able to bring and for its multi featured CCBox workforce management software.

Capturing every actionable insight

As well as the PCCE platform, BrightCloud Group installed Cisco Unified Workforce Optimisation for quality management. A Cisco Call Manager provided simple call handling and unified communications-powered telephony services. In addition, integration with an Epic CRM platform enabled PCI DSS compliance, with call recording cessation when agents take a payment.

BrightCloud Group also introduced Cisco Multimedia Routing Engine application, with intelligent steering to help manage thousands of emails arriving daily, an approach that’s been shown to cut customer queueing by a half or better.

The organisation’s centralised IT team, located in the US, was closely involved through the delivery to make sure the global standards were met. BrightCloud Group collaborated with the team for such functions as domain-joined accounts and best practices to ensure voicemails are answered. In the latter case automatic processes were necessary to eliminate manual workarounds. Workshops for requirements capture went through four different sessions and provided staff with coaching on what the PCCE platform can do. Where appropriate, these were translated into actionable insights.

“Virtually a greenfield site, we were able to run requirements capture workshops with separate groups and build architecture, processes and role-specific feature sets around their particular needs.”

Richard Hall, Chief Technical Officer at BrightCloud Group

Assuring go-live success

BrightCloud Group appointed professional services people on-site for ad hoc side-by-side agent assistance to ensure successful PCCE deployment. In the true spirit of partnership, those individuals stayed to help support the clinic through the go-live phase. Further physical training sessions were arranged post-deployment to take account of new staff and those unavailable first-time around.

Face-to-face training was complemented by online seminars for specialist agent groups, such as avoiding clunky IVR voice messaging for those managing VIP customer journeys. Such activities have been recorded in an FAQ library from which repeat training can be readily accessed.

CCBox software enhances customer service

Operating in a highly competitive private healthcare space, the clinic was determined to create a world-class contact centre environment that supports exceptional patient experience and differentiates the new hospital from its competitors. To achieve these objectives, a number of features from BrightCloud Group’s unique CCBox system were selected to complement Cisco technology.

With CCBox Management Portal, the London clinic can perform administrative changes and manage the way they engage with customers without having to rely on the centralised IT team in the US. CCBox Call and Screen Recorder offers multichannel recording to screen calls and rapidly pinpoints agent coaching opportunities. CCBox Performance Analytics displays agent stats such as received calls, emails or chats to measure quality and trigger reviews.

Allowing the clinic to exercise full control over other critical CX functions like real-time IVR menu adjustments, custom call-on-hold announcements and instant channel diversions, CCBox makes the contact centre more responsive to callers’ changing needs. CCBox Callback reduces irritating wait times by initiating a call-back to customers after they have spent a predetermined period listening to ring tone or announcements. Finally, CCBox Wallboard enables worldwide oversight of customer experience (CX) quality, with up-to-date contact centre statistics displayed on-screen or on strategically-placed wall boards.


“The PCCE platform has numerous APIs and integrations for interworking with other hardware and software assets, whether Cisco-based or from a third party. That not only assures return on historic investments but also opens the door to new contact centre developments as they occur.”

Richard Hall, Chief Technical Officer at BrightCloud Group

Keeping up with customers’ demands

The new cutting-edge omnichannel solution, with its additional products and features, puts the clinic one step ahead of its competitors. Providing its customers the service they expect from the prestigious healthcare organisation, the contact centre can deliver consistent customer experiences across multiple channels. Looking to the future, the clinic continues a close partnership with BrightCloud Group to make sure they are always up-to-date with the latest customer experience technology.

Solution Breakdown

  • Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise (UCCE)
  • BCSquared
  • CCBox Call Back
  • CCBox Call Recording
  • CCBox Quality Management
  • CCBox Management Portal
  •  CCBox Wallboard
  • CCBox Performance Analytics
  • Self Service
  • Managed Service