Complete contact centre and telephony managed service

Improved life cycle management leads to cost savings and operational efficiencies


One partner for all customer experience needs

This mortgage lender and servicer has 300 employees including 114 agents offering buy to let mortgages and experience in the portfolio landlord market. When the existing contact centre support and functionality arrangements were found to be poorly performing and costly, it was time to modernise the IT setup. Recommended by Cisco, the mortgage lender invited BrightCloud Group to a competitive tender process that included upgrading the Cisco Unified Communications (UC) and Cisco Packaged Contact Centre Enterprise (PCCE) estate.

BrightCloud Group was selected for their ability to support the best contact centre and telephony platform as well as all of the preliminary applications the client already had. That combined with the range of unique contact centre solutions built in-house, made them the ideal long-term partner.

A step-by-step roadmap to seamless transition

Historically, the mortgage lender had experienced a number of issues with their contact centre infrastructure, including insufficient life cycle management and frequent failures with certain applications. At the beginning of the partnership BrightCloud Group assessed the entire IT setup and built a 12-month roadmap. It allowed a progressive, seamless transition from the existing supplier while replacing problematic services and preventing past issues from reoccurring.

Hyper focusing on working around the specific needs of the customer, the transition phase began by upgrading and moving the existing contact centre and telephony infrastructure. Within a month the legacy Cisco UC and Cisco PCCE environments were successfully migrated to BrightCloud Group support and management. In addition, BrightCloud Group installed and configured a platform to monitor all mission-critical infrastructure components including applications and services.

Furthermore, having SIP trunk and ethernet circuit migration built into the project BrightCloud Group was able to move the phone lines with zero disruption to the business. Every element of the project delivery was perfectly synced without a hitch along the way enabling the client to continue business as usual through the transition phase.

“In addition to the necessary upgrades that were long overdue, the client was looking to simplify the management process and find a partner with experience in both contact centre and UC. The project has been a game changer in terms of operational efficiency, productivity and reduced IT costs.”

Richard Hall, Chief Technical Officer at BrightCloud Group

Improving user experience with CCBox

Once the contact centre upgrade was completed, BrightCloud Group focused on transitioning certain services to CCBox, a unique workforce management system built in-house by BrightCloud Group. CCBox provides the client a comprehensive Management Portal that empowers supervisors to control the contact centre via their web browser. Managing call flows and queues is easy and instant without the need to involve IT departments that would typically cause delay in requests being actioned.

In addition, BrightCloud Group introduced CCBox Recording and CCBox Quality Management to replace the existing call recording solution that was costly and had frequent failures. Commercially a better fit, the new solution had exactly the features the mortgage lender needed, including multichannel recording and in-depth analytics. Previous security issues around call recordings were also resolved with only the quality and compliance team having ongoing access to recordings.

No more unwelcome surprises

Previously, the lack of life cycle management had led to unexpected, high costs for the mortgage lender when it was time to upgrade the expired environment. Providing life cycle management through managed service, BrightCloud Group is committed to keeping the IT infrastructure up-to-date at all times.

Monitoring the number and type of every licence, application, hardware, software and device distributed across the environment, BrightCloud Group knows exactly when something is becoming end-of-life or when it’s time to upgrade. Through proactive support, issues are flagged and resolved before they impact the business. Once an issue occurs, BrightCloud Group conducts a root-cause analysis to identify the actual cause, how to fix it and, most importantly, how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Monthly service reviews, also part of the managed service and ongoing engagement by BrightCloud Group, keep the client in the know. During these meetings, while looking at overall performance, project deliverables and timelines, both parties can plan for the future and highlight areas that need development.


“A thorough roadmap guided us through the project from initial design to transition to transformation. And the journey doesn’t end there; part of our managed service is to expand that roadmap and make sure the customer gets where they want to be today, tomorrow and beyond. Being agile and forward-looking is what makes this partnership so successful.”

Meena Anton, Senior Contact Centre Consultant at BrightCloud Group

Solution Breakdown

  • Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise (UCCE)
  • BCSquared
  • CCBox Management Portal
  • CCBox Call Recording
  • CCBox Quality Management
  • Self Service
  • Managed Service